Work-Relay's services provide you with everything you need to be successful, whenever you need it. 



You do it, we do it, or we do it together

Every company is different: different levels of process/project complexity, different levels of internal resources that can be assigned to Work-Relay, and different timetables. To meet this need, we can teach you how to build solutions, we can build them for you, or we can build them together with you - any mix of approaches that make sense to meet your needs.

Fast Start Program

We’ll help you get Work-Relay up and running quickly so you can start building solutions immediately, thereby hastening your ROI. 


Our professional services team seeks to understand your needs and goals, and translate them into functional workflows and solutions. Our end-goal is to empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to confidently drive adoption and independently manage your platform.

Never get stuck!

We focus on ensuring your success, not simply supporting the use of the product. The most important question is: What is the fastest way to get to the best solution? To answer this, we get to understand your requirements and provide the most optimum solution. You can also quickly connect with experts for personalized technical support and industry knowledge.

Custom Functionality-on-Demand

In case you need some functionality that is unique to your organization (for example a complex scheduling algorithm).  Work-Relay's Rapid Response Team is always available to write any code you need at a much lower cost than typical custom code development. 

24/7 Support 

Work-Relay's Support Team is available to provide whatever support you need. Our reputation for excellent customer service is well respected by our clients. 


Fantastic Product, fabulous support, easy to learn 

This is a 5 star tool, that is able to do so much more that the standard Salesforce Process tools, like Process builder, workflow etc. The support from the Work-Relay team is outstanding! If you run into anything really complex, they are there when guidance is needed

Taryn Murray, PwC South Africa Manager

Provide your organization a powerful work execution platform that offers exceptional speed to business value.

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