Process & Project Management on Salesforce for organizations with complex requirements

A one-stop-shop for all your customers Salesforce workflow application needs

Work-Relay is the perfect product for expanding the reach of Salesforce across the organization. It is applicable to any size organization in any industry.


  • Help retire your team quota faster. Add new Salesforce licenses to you accounts, and add ISV sales revenue to your quota bottom line.

  • Help justify Salesforce costs. Work-Relay will allow organizations to leverage the Salesforce platform to streamline, manage, and optimize everyday business operations faster, better, and at low cost

  • Accelerate your customers ROI. Workflow applications can be built and activated extremely quickly in Work-Relay

  • Crush the resources curse. The low learning curve of Work-Relay, combined with its ability to manage complex processes with ease, eliminates the need for deep Salesforce expertise and coding.

  • Land and expand. Work-Relay is the kind of product that becomes mission-critical to an organization, and the solution can be implemented in other areas of the organization.



that provide a comprehensive, integrated work management platform. It is designed from the ground up to manage complex business processes and process-driven, repetitive projects.

Work-Relay is 100% native Salesforce suite of modules
Work-Relay offers an enormous amount of functionality for a relatively small investment.

It is easy to implement, significantly reduces costs, and does not require developers or deep expertise in Salesforce

include accelerated throughput, more timely and flexible responses to every customer’s unique needs, greater visibility over who is doing what when, and lower work management costs.

The benefits customers can expect from Work-Relay


Work-Relay is a good fit for organizations that have one or more of these needs:
  • Complex business processes that are difficult or impossible to effectively implement using out-the-box Salesforce point-and-click functionality.

  • Multi-level projects with complex dependencies that are repeated with variations for each customer

  • Complex forms built without coding

  • Complex information, data visualization and tracking needs that are suited to fully customizable Kanban boards

  • Simple workflows that can be built just using the Kanban module.

  • Maximizing Salesforce is not possible due to resources and/or budget constraints.


Work-Relay is a great example of a new breed of business process management software that can handle a great variety of processes, makes BPM more accessible to business users, and also extends functionality well beyond the bounds of traditional BPM solutions.

The secret sauce in Work-Relay is its ability to handle many styles of processes and projects through dynamic process execution managed by rules or constraints. Additionally, the many unique visualizations can help process managers plus process participants watch and adjust processes or projects dynamically.

Jim Sinur,

Aragon Research VP and former Gather VP

Work-Relay combines features and capabilities that are naturally associated with business process management platforms, with features and capabilities normally found in project management tools, in one unified toolset.

In Work-Relay, process models are adaptive things that can be easily influenced by operating conditions on the ground.

Work-Relay promotes a work environment where structure can be introduced into work coordination systems, but where individuals also have discretion over how the details of individual tasks are completed (and indeed, who completes them).

Neil Ward-Dutton,

MWD Advisors Research Director


Provide your organization a powerful work execution platform that offers exceptional speed to business value.

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