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competitive advantage.

Optimizing enterprise work management is the key to profitability in a highly competitive business environment.

Work-Relay is a comprehensive, unified platform designed to streamline, manage and automate your everyday business operations on Salesforce.  

Centralize work.png
Centralize work

Centralize work in one place and provide complete visibility across the organization.

Accelerate work

Accelerate work as it moves across the enterprise by shortening lag time and improving the transition of work. 

Connect work

Use a common connection layer to bring together disconnected processes, people and systems

Enable work

Provide structure and control without limiting the ability to adapt solutions to the exact needs of each area of the organization. 

It's comprehensive.

Build applications.
Design processes.
Manage projects.
Create Forms.
Configure Kanban Boards.
Automate repetitive tasks.


Introduce a measure of structure and control into the everyday interactions between humans to assist them in reaching a common, predefined goal.

Simplify your work environment

Address the full spectrum of work from structured and fully automated to unstructured and ad hoc using a single tool.

Balance flexibility and control

Construct any process with just the right level and mix of automation and structure, and balance the local agility of business teams with centralized oversight.

Improve your overall business performance. 

Track, manage, and optimize work, uncover inefficiencies, and reduce the time previously spent manually tracking and updating progress. 

Ensure optimum outcomes

Build solutions that ensure optimum outcomes for every client's unique needs. Adapt business processes “on the fly” in order to take advantage of new business opportunities or comply with new regulations


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Work-Relay is a great example of a new breed of business process management software that can handle a great variety of processes, makes BPM more accessible to business users, and also extends functionality well beyond the bounds of traditional BPM solutions.

The secret sauce in Work-Relay is its ability to handle many styles of processes and projects through dynamic process execution managed by rules or constraints. Additionaly the many unique vizualizations can help process managers plus process participants watch and adjust processes or projects dynamically.

Jim Sinur,

Aragon Research VP and former Gather VP

Work-Relay combines features and capabilities that are naturally assosiated with business process management platfroms, with features and capabilities normally found in project managent tools,in one unified toolset.

In Work-Relay, process models are adaptive things that can be easily influenced by operating conditions on the ground.

Work-Relay promotes a work environment where structure can be introduced into work coordination systems, but where individuals also have discretion over how the details of individual tasks are completed (and indeed, who completes them).

Neil Ward-Dutton,

MWD Advisors Research Director


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