How Work-Relay helps

  • Work-Relay brings together people from different teams and functions along with process/project data from different sources so everyone has a single, central, real-time view of process/project health.   

• Cut through the complexity

Connect your customer, sales force, relationship manager, and sales support functions to your

back-office teams and systems seamlessly. Manage complex dependencies and provide visibility

and control from front-to-back throughout the client lifecycle.

• Accelerate time to revenue

Maximize efficiency by eliminating duplicate data requirements and managing processes in

parallel – KYC due diligence, credit, tax, legal, approvals, product, and service fulfillment.

• Dramatically reduce the amount of manual work

Automate repetitive, low value tasks. Drive straight through processing while remaining compliant.

• Rapidly respond to change and ensure compliance

Enforce due diligence best practices, regulatory requirements, and internal policies across

geographies and lines of business. At the same time, update and maintain your rules in minutes

rather than months, with zero coding.


Appian provides a scalable solution that simplifies systems, processes, and reporting for complaints, appeals,

and grievances.

• Automated workflows allow for more efficient


• One unified view improves visibility across the

entire platform

• Real-time reporting and auditability lets payers

achieve compliance while saving time

• Exception handling allows for improved case

management with unique member cases and easier

decision making

Optimize the Value of Every Engagement 

Personalize: Business-configurable rules, sophisticated analytics and contextually-driven, real-time decisioning, anticipate customer needs, and recommend the Next-Best-Actions. 

Prioritize: End-to-end work automation ensures tasks are managed efficiently, including queuing, skills-based routing, escalation based on SLAs and prioritization. 

Optimize: Customer satisfaction and promoter score functionality gathers and automatically applies customer feedback directly within the process for continuous improvement. 

Instinctive: Dynamic and intuitive service desktop makes CSRs production from day one. 

Intelligent: Proactive knowledge retrieval, situationally guided processes, and contextual scripting ensure the right information is consistently communicated to the customer. 

Insightful: A complete customer profile spans lines of business, products, geographies and service cases, providing in-depth insight needed to personalize each interaction. 

  • Work-Relay provides collaboration in context, which significantly improves collaboration and communication, allowing users to manage their work and risks more proactively.  


  • Work-Relay provides rolled-up dashboards to give management with an executive portfolio view of process and project health.


  • Work-Relay’s unique Early Warning System allows managers to proactively keep processes and projects on track.

Case Study

Vendor management for the worlds largest home improvement retailer


Sunset legacy IBM BPM system and manage the same business processes inside Salesforce. Processes are primarily service request based and revolve around Vendor management (SKUs, Options, Price Changes, Catalog Maintenance, etc)


Most data resides in external DB2 and Siebel systems and needs to be integrated into the business processes managed in Saleforce. Data needs to be manipulated in Salesforce and then written back to the originating systems in real time.


Work-Relay processes replicated the legacy BPM functionality while keeping the user experience contemporary via the Lightning UX. Extensive use of Forms linked to the external databases allowed searching, loading and updating data that upon approval was written back to the source database.


Dynamic multi-level approval processes include internal resources as well as Vendors, and provide the ability to track approvals, rejections, rework loops, and to track all comments related to those approvals

Case Study



  • A fast food company needs to implement a new point-of-sale system in all of their 6,000+ stores.

  • The solution needs to coordinate hundreds of franchises, thousands of stores, and a multitude of collaborating participants to successfully complete each implementation.

  • The number of tasks to be scheduled and tracked is extensive, from coordinating multiple vendors and contractors, ordering and shipping equipment, training employees and integrating the help desk. Some tasks can occur in parallel, while other tasks are interrelated and need to follow a specific sequence.

  • All tasks are deadline

-related, and if one step gets held up, it puts all other steps in the process on hold

– even those steps that could be completed independently of the currently stalled step


Typical problems included:

  • Heavily reliance on email.

  • Important information falling through the cracks.

  • Redundant messages/notifications.

  • Flooded inboxes

  • Redundant processes.

  • Difficulty finding information in Excel.

  • No checks and balances system for missing information prior to install. No easy way to provide an overview of the project’s progress.

  • Manual scheduling.

  • Manual workflow management.

  • No integration with other teams and departments

  • Error-prone and time-consuming cutting and pasting spreadsheets.

  • Missed sending of notifications and updates.

  • Slow speed of huge spreadsheets.

  • No central repository of information.

  • Need for backups and disaster recovery


The ability of Work-Relay to design complex processes that could be changed on-the-fly and manage them as projects significantly reduced time, errors, and omissions. The Work-Relay Progress Dashboards provided complete visibility of step status across multiple projects, as well as a Gantt chart for tracking timelines and scheduling resources.

The Work-Relay solution includes the following:

  • A centralized database provides a single, non-redundant source of truth, eliminating the cutting and pasting of spreadsheets, and manages an unlimited amount of data.

  • Automated monitoring provides complete visibility over the implementation process for all involved, and a dashboard provides a snapshot of current status.

  • Workflow eliminates lag time between tasks, and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Automated notifications and updates reduces lag time and cycle time.

  • Automated integration with external systems.

  • Chatter allows all parties, both inside and outside the organization, to communicate in real-time, significantly reducing email traffic and speeding up problem resolution.

  • Work-Relay allows a knowledge base to be built organically, reducing the time required for future installation

  • Mobile enablement allows technicians to complete checklists and register and assign issues immediately

  • Reporting and analytics are used to determine violations of SLA’s, bottlenecks, and comparative performance among vendors.

The future

With the execution of the point-of-sale management technology implementation project, the organization planted the seed for a comprehensive, enterprise-wide self-service database that can be used by anyone in the organization to build solutions for their needs. This has led to multiple departments taking advantage of the database and Work-Relay has been used to handle everything from change management to kitchen implement management.


"Without Work-Relay, it would have required an additional 3 or 4 people to manage this project.

In addition, were able to complete the project months ahead of schedule by significantly reducing wait times between process steps and providing heads-up notifications to project participants, both internal and external."

Provide your organization a powerful work execution platform that offers exceptional speed to business value.

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