Clear communication and transparent teamwork.

Work-Relay provides a unified, consistent solution that simplifies your environment and bridges people and systems.

  • Unified monitoring, measurement, control, and reporting increases visibility.
  • Unified resource management simplifies planning.
  • Unified communication and collaboration medium reduces miscommunication.
  • Unified framework provides consistency.
  • Unified database and content repository eliminate duplicate information.
  • Unified administration reduces duplicated administration, licensing, and training costs.

How Work-Relay helps

  • Increase accountability. Drive accountability across end-to-end processes with transparency and customized reporting. 
  • Eliminate Errors. Ensure process consistency, eliminate errors and problems due to lost or mishandled requests, guarantee that the same process is followed for each request.
  • Enforce policies and procedures. Enforce due diligence best practices, regulatory requirements, and internal policies across geographies and lines of business.
  • Provide knowledge-on-demand. Make policies, processes, manuals, and guides living, breathing documents so that information is always up-to-date and easily accessible.

Recruiting Pipeline

  • Manage your recruiting pipeline from anticipated future needs to closed positions.
  • Streamline your process and include checklists so nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Organize the interview pipeline for each team's unique needs.
  • Track all applications with all their documents attached.


Great product with fantastic support!

We started using Work-Relay a year ago to manage some fairly complex business processes and workflows for creating new products. We typically have 100+ projects running at a time through several separate workflows. The support we have received from Work-Relay has been fantastic! They are quick to trouble-shoot all problems, even those that we created ourselves, and develop new functionality if needed.”

Taryn Murray, PwC South Africa Manager

Provide your organization a powerful work execution platform that offers exceptional speed to business value.

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