Create the exact business applications you need in

  • Build new apps and workflows in Salesforce without writing a line of code.

  • Leverage your investment.

  • Improve business productivity.

  • Eliminate business silos.

Work-Relay is your fastest path to new business applications for Build solutions in hours or days and make Salesforce do more...without writing code or hiring expensive consultants.

Why pay for expensive Salesforce consultants?

You'll be building real solutions in no time.

Work-Relay significantly lowers the learning curve required to build workflow applications, and shields users from the underlying complexity of the Salesforce platform.

Your apps will always be well-architected.

Workflows that span departments and have complex requirements often lead to messy solutions. The Work-Relay app framework ensures apps are well-archived, flexible, and maintainable.

You'll never need a developer.

If you need some unique functionality not available in Work-Relay, our Rapid Response Team is always available to develop what you need, and slot the code into the appropriate place in the Work-Relay framework.

Ready to build a new custom Salesforce process?


Reduce development backlogs, increase the speed and reduce the cost of delivering Salesforce solutions.

LOB and Process Owners

Increase departmental efficiency without depending on IT or waiting for budget to hire developers.

System Administrators

Increase your value to your organization by expanding your capabilities and satisfying user requests without involving developers.

Business Users

Help build and maintain solutions on Salesforce on your own without a big training investment.

Business Analysts

Reduce the time needed to define requirements by quickly building prototypes, then verifying them through simulation.

Project Managers

Tailor Work-Relay project management functionality to your exact needs, regardless of project complexity.

A complete solution for building new business applications, workflows, and processes
Simplify confusing processes and workflows for your employees.
Stop paying for expensive custom Salesforce consulting work.

Eliminate silos and help your team get work done faster.

Build processes customized for your business in hours and days...instead of weeks...without writing a line of code.

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