Work-Relay provides a flexible approach to customizing the selection and delivery of products and services based on unique customer needs. By blending process and project management, Work-Relay provides enormous functionality that improves collaboration, coordination and the agility to produce the best outcomes for every scenario.

Improving the Manufacturing Process

Typical Challenges

  • Inability to rapidly respond to changing customer demands during the manufacturing process
  • Incorrect / incomplete forms with the wrong input leading to the implementation of the wrong solutions
  • Slow turnaround time between initial request and supplying an offer — causing customers to look for other suppliers
  • Inability to orchestrate multiple systems into a single end-to-end flow
  • Low customer satisfaction when issuing a change request
  • Pressure from competitors with more streamlined processes
  • Inability to review and improve processes


  • Flexible data structure: allows each basic process type to be defined but allows for run-time variability using data entered into the system on each step of the process and routing the process based on this data
  • Multiple system orchestration: allows for true end-to-end process using the Work-Relay Mulesoft Connector
  • Plausibility checks: avoid errors and queries from the start
  • Real-time dashboard: provides situational awareness of processes in progress
  • Automatic updates: Keep customers are automatically kept up to date on the status of their orders
  • Reporting and analysis: show hidden delay time and allow for trying out different solution alternatives


  • Measurable accountability to deliver on time
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • New process improvement focus across the entire organization
  • Holistic approach to understanding complete process chains, rather than just single tasks
  • Complete visibility across the organization on request status
  • Reduction in time-waste due to complete and accurate fulfillment of requests
  • Dramatically reduced cycle time
  • Thorough, quick review and calculation capabilities for responses to customer product requests on technical product variation
  • Improved quality resulted from an improvement in accurate work as a result of higher transparency

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