Work-Relay, a new breed Business Process Management (BPM) application that combines process and project management, has partnered with business rules management system (BRMS) leader, InRule Technology®.
By integrating InRule and Work-Relay, customers can author and deploy business rules in conjunction with their Work-Relay business processes without the need for complex code modifications.
“This partnership is a very natural fit because Work-Relay, a BPM solution native to the Saleforce platform, and InRule seek to allow their clients to gain greater ROI from their Salesforce investments. Since rules creation is such an integral part of business process management, our collaboration provides customers with an enhanced ability to bring mission-critical enterprise applications to market faster and with greater configurability,” stated John Shap, CEO, Work-Relay.
An increasing number of organizations seek the ability to automate and streamline BPM and business rules and require solutions that can be customized and executed without developer support. Because most enterprise-level systems have complex workflows that include rules, criteria and decision logic, BRMS and BPM technologies can be effectively combined to meet these demands.
“Integrating Work-Relay and InRule provides our customers with transparency into rules and processes, delivering agility to meet evolving operational demands, customer needs and regulatory requirements,” said Rik Chomko, co-founder and CEO, InRule Technology. “We are excited to partner with Work-Relay, a technology leader with a record of bringing value to customers through its proven BPM solutions.”

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