The easiest way to build workflow applications on Salesforce

Streamline, manage, and optimize everyday business operations faster, better, and at low cost.

100% Native Salesforce

The one-stop-shop for all your Salesforce workflow application needs

Work-Relay significantly lowers the learning curve required to build workflow apps, and shields users from the underlying complexity of the Salesforce platform.

You'll be building solutions in no time

In addition to our 24x7 support desk, we provide office hours that you can book for one-on-one assistance with your requirements. No need to struggle. 

You'll never get stuck
Your apps will always be well-architected

The Work-Relay framework ensures that workflows that span departments and have complex requirements are well-architected, flexible, and maintainable. 

You'll never need developers

The Work-Relay Rapid Response Team is always available to develop whatever unique functionality you need and slot the code into the Work-Relay framework.

We take the pain out of building workflow apps on Salesforce.
A solution for every need. Work-Relay is extremely flexible and easily adaptable, ensuring optimum outcomes for every client and department.
Connect and Accelerate  
Tie together all parts of your business, and increase the speed at which work moves across the organization by improving work transitions and visibility.
Become an agile organization. Simplify your work environment, consolidate everything you need to run workflows in one place,  
Empower your workforce. Work-Relay provides a simple, consistent, and low-risk way for non-developers to rapidly build flexible solutions for any level of workflow complexity.



Reduce development backlogs, increase the speed and reduce the cost of delivering Salesforce workflow solutions.

LOB and Process Owners

Increase departmental efficiency without depending on IT or waiting for budget to hire developers.

System Administrators

Increase your value to your organization by expanding your capabilities and satisfying user requests without involving developers.

Business Users

Help build and maintain solutions on Salesforce on your own without a big training investment.

Business Analysts

Reduce the time needed to define requirements by quickly building prototypes, then verifying them through simulation.

Project Managers

Tailor Work-Relay project management functionality to your exact needs, regardless of project complexity.


Work-Relay is a great example of a new breed of business process management software that can handle a great variety of processes, makes BPM more accessible to business users, and also extends functionality well beyond the bounds of traditional BPM solutions.

The secret sauce in Work-Relay is its ability to handle many styles of processes and projects through dynamic process execution managed by rules or constraints. Additionally, the many unique visualizations can help process managers plus process participants watch and adjust processes or projects dynamically.

Jim Sinur,

Aragon Research VP and former Gather VP

Work-Relay combines features and capabilities that are naturally associated with business process management platforms, with features and capabilities normally found in project management tools, in one unified toolset.

In Work-Relay, process models are adaptive things that can be easily influenced by operating conditions on the ground.

Work-Relay promotes a work environment where structure can be introduced into work coordination systems, but where individuals also have discretion over how the details of individual tasks are completed (and indeed, who completes them).

Neil Ward-Dutton,

MWD Advisors Research Director

Let's chat about how Work-Relay can help your organization.


Provide your organization a powerful work execution platform that offers exceptional speed to business value.

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