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Define, visualize, and drive the flow of production work through your organization using seamlessly integrated process and project functionality on the Salesforce platform.


A building block approach to getting work done facilitates endless adaptations and reconfigurations at runtime, thereby allowing processes to emerge and adapt to changing situations in real time.

This complements native Salesforce process automation functionality, which is focused on automating well-defined, stable, workflows. 

Use processes to drive complex production projects and ensure that the organization’s mission remains on track while granting individual teams the ability to direct themselves.

Having a process and project view of the same data allows projects to easily leverage all the power inherent in process management functionality.




Processes and projects are the lifeblood of every organization. Having separate, independent tools to manage them adds an unnecessary layer of complexity to the organization. 

In addition, Work-Relay’s architecture and APIs allow you to to further simplify your work environment by allowing you to create your own custom Work-Relay modules so that you are not constrained by software limitations and the need for work-arounds.


Salesforce collaboration, database, content management, reporting, dashboards, and analytics are all built-in to Work-Relay.

Being 100% native Salesforce, Work-Relay allows business users across the organization to start building processes and projects immediately, and deploy them quickly, globally, and inexpensively, with minimal disruption.

Keep everyone in sync

Manage human-intensive processes

Include external stakeholders

Efficiently transition work

Get immediate time to value

Automate repetitive tasks

Eliminate wasted effort

Simplify operations    

Customize to your needs


Chris Cholette, SunRun - Tremendous Product

Sunrun builds residential solar projects. To date, we have installed over 100,000 systems across 15 states. Our processes are very complex and vary by state, utility and city.  Because Work Relay is a relatively new product, we did over 6 months of testing before certifying it mission critical ready.  We have been delighted with the results. The primary advantages have been: i) greatly improved development velocity (2-3 times), ii) much higher levels of automation achieved and iii) essentially self-documenting processes.

The support we have received from Work Relay has been outstanding. In addition to normal hand holding, they have implemented several requested features, a few times in less than a week. Excellent product that fills an important Salesforce gap. Excellent company.

Eirik Skeid, MSS - Ensure process compliance with minimal training

The Work Relay is a great tool to design processes in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get environment. It ensures the right data is entered at the right time from the right person. Since we are working on projects where the team is set up by people in different timezones, having meetings is difficult. This app makes it possible for us to drive a project or process without too many meetings. The tool is very easy to use and powerful. Comparing it with the built in flow, process builder and other features of native Salesforce, it is significantly easier to use.

Ashlee Robinson, Robbie - Great product with fantastic support!

We started using Work-Relay a year ago to manage some fairly complex business processes and workflows for creating new products. We typically have 100+ projects running at a time through several separate workflows. The support we have received from Work-Relay has been fantastic! They are quick to troubleshoot all problems, even those that we created ourselves, and develop new functionality if needed.

Jim Sinur, Aragon Research VP and former Gartner VP 

Work-Relay is a great example of a new breed of business process management software that can handle a great variety of processes, makes BPM more accessible to business users, and also extends functionality well beyond the bounds of traditional BPM solutions.

The secret sauce in Work-relay is its ability to handle many styles of processes and projects through dynamic process execution managed by rules or constraints. Additionally the many unique visualizations can help process managers plus process participants watch and adjust processes or projects dynamically.


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